Monday, February 7, 2011

Excerpt from Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

He waited patiently for them to get seated before he continued. “Tonight we are going after an Alpha. He's a big mother with a temper to match,” he stopped and cleared his throat, obviously uncomfortable with all those eyes on him. Elisabeth had never noticed it before, but Jack felt comfortable with his position as a leader, however didn't like being the complete and absolute center of attention.

“It's been said that he is the oldest werewolf in Los Angeles, or the state of California period. We don't know for sure if he is or not, or if it is just a rumor that he created over the years to keep his position at the top.”

“We can estimate that he is responsible for no less than 8,500 deaths and a whooping 6,234 Beta's. Of course there are much more than that but that’s just the closest number that we can provide proof for.”

He paused and looked around the room. “Now of those 8,500 deaths at least 4,590 or more have been hunters who have tried to take him down. I want you guys on top of your game tonight.”

Jack shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his feet, looking at the ground. When he looked back up he was obviously disturbed by what he had to say next. "For those of you that are coming from other agencies I need to you come over to Randall's desk right over there.”

“On his desk you will find a clip board. I need you to put your full legal name and who we contact in case of death or injury. I also need you to put down how you would like us to tell your family you died if they don't know what you do.”

After he finished the other hunters went over and filled out the paper work. Looking around to see if they were done Jack happily moved onto a less morbid subject. When he launched into the specifics of the hunt Elisabeth found her eyes slowly wandering around the room until they met with the bottom of Devin's robe. She wanted to look higher, but feared what she might see in those purple eyes. Instead she just focused on his feet and told herself that she would see enough of him as the night wore on.

When everyone started to get up Elisabeth snapped herself back into reality. She chose to ride with Anthony and his daughter in an attempt to be friendly. The moon was full and it shone like the spotlight in the sky high above them. Every inch of her skin was covered in goose bumps and she couldn't stop shaking. She wasn't cold; in fact Anthony had the heater on even though it was still in the sixties outside.

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